January 15, 2015

News Release

“We urged the President to support Social Security reallocation, as has happened without controversy 11 previous times, to avoid a massive benefit cut Americans with disabilities simply cannot afford. Today’s comment from the White House in support of this simple administrative fix is encouraging but we hope the President will reaffirm that position without any qualification in the State of the Union and use that opportunity to take a bold stand against these Social Security shenanigans in the House.”…Max Richtman, NCPSSM President/CEO

A White House statement to the press that “generally speaking, the administration “strongly opposes any efforts to undermine Congress’ ability to reallocate funds between the Social Security retirement and disability trust funds” is welcome news for millions of Social Security beneficiaries worried about House GOP efforts to allow a 20% benefit cut for millions of disabled Americans unless the entire Social Security program is reformed.

In a letter to the White House, NCPSSM President/CEO Max Richtman wrote:

“We applaud you for making middle-class mobility and economic equality one of your top priorities.  Social Security helps to provide a lifetime of economic equality by insuring millions of Americans against the risks of retirement, disability and survivorship.

For that reason, the National Committee urges you to support the reallocation from the OASI Trust Fund to the DI Trust Fund and oppose the House majority’s demand to cut benefits in exchange for addressing the Disability Insurance program’s financing.  Your State of the Union address would be an ideal opportunity to reaffirm your support for Social Security.”

Max Richtman’s full letter to the White House can be read here.


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