April 1, 2014

News Release

“The GOP/Ryan budget is nothing short of an all-out declaration of war against millions of American families still struggling in our recovering economy.  This is a budget that doubles-down on an ideological quest to turn Medicare into “coupon care”, making it harder for seniors to choose their own doctors and ultimately killing traditional Medicare.  If the GOP/Ryan budget becomes law, seniors will immediately lose billions in prescription drug savings, free wellness visits and preventative services provided in the ACA, and the Part D donut hole returns. This budget also slashes the nation’s anti-poverty programs, including Medicaid, targeting them with more cuts and block granting. 

The good news is this cuts-only plan lays out the GOP priorities for our nation very clearly – sweeping and devastating cuts for middle-class and poor Americans will be used to protect billions in tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations.  The American people have made it clear they don’t support cutting middle-class benefits to reduce the deficit yet that’s exactly what this latest Ryan budget means for millions of struggling families. That’s why we predict the GOP will have no better luck selling their flawed and misguided approach this year than they did during previous failed attempts.” Max Richtman, NCPSSM President/CEO


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