February 13, 2012


Despite the Social Security Administration’s growing workload, as our nation ages and an increasing number of citizens file for disability, the SSA’s 2013 budget includes only a slight increase from last year’s already tight budget ($400 million less than in FY 2012). 

However, we are pleased that SSA has decided to resume mailing Social Security statements to all eligible workers over age 25 if its funding request is approved.   These annual earnings and benefits statements are vital to millions of workers who rely on them to properly prepare for a secure retirement.

“It’s more important than ever that Americans have the best information possible to plan for their retirement.  Retirees have seen their home values plummet, their savings diminished, and investments devalued.  While Social Security is the one stable and reliable income source American retirees can count on; tight budget times led the Social Security Administration to discontinue delivery of their annual statement to workers.  That cancellation created an information gap that American workers can not afford, especially now as so much fiscal uncertainly hangs over millions of current and near-retirees.

Since the statements were first eliminated, the National Committee has urged Congress and the White House to reinstate that funding.  We applaud the administration for proposing a budget that would bring those annual statements back into the homes of American workers. We urge Congress to approve the Social Security Administration’s full budget request.”…Max Richtman , NCPSSM President/CEO

Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue’s budget request of $12.6 billion for fiscal year 2013 was higher than that requested by the President. Given the challenges facing the agency, as America ages and the economy still struggles, we urge Congress to consider funding SSA at that higher level.


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