March 20, 2012


Tax Cuts for the Wealthy – Benefit Cuts for Everyone Else

“Contrary to the lofty political rhetoric we’ve heard today, the GOP/Ryan plan is not a brave budget offered by ‘adults’.  This is a budget that doubles-down on an ideological quest to turn Medicare into a privatized voucher program–stacking the deck against traditional Medicare and creating a death spiral leading to its demise. Under the GOP/Ryan plan, if seniors want the same level of coverage and access to health providers they’ve had in the past, they’ll have to pay more.  If they can’t pay more, they’ll have to settle for less.  At the same time, under the GOP/Ryan budget, billionaires continue to enjoy tax cuts our nation simply can’t afford.  The American people, of all ages, do not believe benefit cuts for the middle class and tax cuts for the wealthy are the right course for our nation, no matter how they’re repackaged for an election year.   

Congressman Ryan has said his budget plan addresses a ‘moral issue’ because ‘there is right and there is wrong’.  But the American people don’t believe it’s ‘right’ to cut middle class benefits to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy.  It’s not ‘right’ to continually target seniors’ programs to foot the bill for an economic and fiscal crisis they did not create. Middle class Americans have already sacrificed more than their fair share with stagnant wages, plunging home values and vanishing savings.  That’s why it’s simply wrong to target the average American to protect the wealthiest among us who continue to reap the benefits of decades of flawed fiscal policy.  We don’t have to destroy Medicare to save it — the American people understand this and will make their views on ‘right and wrong’ abundantly clear come November.” … Max Richtman , NCPSSM President/CEO


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