Q. Recently I had my Social Security disability hearing with the ALJ. When I filed my claim back in 2008, SSA at that time gave me an amount that my monthly benefit would be as well as the possible amount it would be for my dependant children. My question is if my case is approved will they also give me my back pay for the children who at the time I originally filed were all still under 18 and in school?

A. The fact that your children are no longer under 18 does not cancel their right to dependent benefits for any months they were eligible. If your Disability Insurance claim is approved, you and your children will be entitled to monthly benefits beginning with your sixth full month of disability.

The Disability Insurance family maximum benefit can be as much as 50 percent more than your full benefit. When more than one child is eligible, the benefit payable is divided equally between them. As each child reaches age 18 and is out of high school, the benefit payable is again divided equally. When only one child remains on the benefit rolls, he or she receives the full amount payable. Since your children are now over 18, any retroactive benefits they are entitled to receive will be paid directly to them.