Q. I want to know how much I can keep from my monthly Social Security and VA Disability if I go back to work and start making some money? I am 67. How much can I make and still keep if I work?


A. The Social Security annual earnings limitation for receipt of benefits was repealed in 2000 for persons already full retirement age. You may earn whatever you like or whatever you are able to earn. Your earnings will not affect your monthly Social Security benefit.

How earnings might affect a benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs depends on the type of benefit you are receiving. If you are receiving compensation for a service-incurred injury or disease, earnings have no effect whatsoever. However, if you are receiving a pension benefit, each dollar of earnings may offset a dollar of benefits. A veteran’s pension is an assistance benefit based on need. For further information, call your county Veterans Service Officer or the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-800-827-1000. Information also can be found at the Department’s web site. Go to www.VA.gov and click on Benefits.