Q. I am on Social Security Disability Insurance. I have bad legs and back problems plus extreme pain. It was work related. I get full disability from Social Security and a company disability check. Recently, they sent a paper and called. They said I lose my disability. I get by now without too many problems financially. I have backup insurance for Medicare and prescriptions, which I have a lot of. Can they take this away? This will put me on the street with nothing in less than a year. I’m desperate.


A. If your concern is a letter from the Social Security Administration, saying your Disability Insurance benefits cease the month you reach normal retirement age, you are worrying needlessly.


At normal retirement age Disability Insurance converts automatically to retirement insurance. The only difference is an in-house bookkeeping change at the Social Security Administration. Disability benefits are paid from the Disability Insurance Trust Fund and retirement benefits from the Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund. Monthly checks continue uninterrupted. If your company disability insurance payment is being discontinued, this is a matter you must take up with your employer.