Q. I am 52 and currently receive Social Security Disability (permanent). My ex-husband of 14 years is 66 and drawing Social Security. When I am of the age to draw Social Security, am I entitled to 1/2 his benefit and what happens to my Social Security Disability benefit (now $492/month).

A. At age 62, you will be eligible for whichever is greater – your own Social Security benefit or a spouse benefit based on your former husband’s Social Security earnings record. Your age-62 spouse benefit will be 35 percent of your former husband’s full benefit. Any spousal benefit payable will be reduced for the months you are less than full retirement age at the time your spouse benefit begins.

Because you are disabled, should your former husband predecease you, you will be immediately eligible for a surviving spouse benefit (i.e. widow benefit). You will receive the greater of your own benefit and the full benefit he would receive if still alive. If you are less than full retirement age when widow benefits begin, the widow portion of your benefit must be reduced for months of early retirement.