Q. I am 65 and went on Medicare only in August. I did not apply for SS. Now SS tells me that I will no longer receive my normal earning statement each year since I am receiving a benefit (Medicare) under the Social Security System. Does these seem fair to all the baby boomers who will apply for Medicare and hold off receiving SS till a later date maybe as late as 70 years old? I even tried to use the new online personal calculator and it told me I was not eligible to use it. Something is wrong with this.

A. Your complaint about the inability to use the new online personal calculator echoes what I have heard from others. Our organization brought this concern to the attention of Congress and the Social Security Administration.

In response, the Social Security Administration corrected the problem. Medicare only beneficiaries now can estimate their benefits on line. Go to http://www.socialsecurity.gov/pubs/10529.html.