In his May 19 op-ed, “Under Biden, a lot hasn’t changed,” Charles Lane likened former president Donald Trump’s policies on Social Security to President Biden’s. The Trump administration enacted onerous rules to make it harder for disabled workers to collect Social Security. Mr. Trump’s annual budgets proposed slashing Social Security Disability Insurance by tens of billions of dollars. And he ordered a reckless payroll tax cut that interfered with Social Security’s revenue stream.

Mr. Biden, who called Social Security a “sacred obligation,” campaigned on adjusting the payroll wage cap so that the wealthy pay their fair share and boosting benefits for our most vulnerable seniors. The Biden administration also has begun the arduous process of reversing harmful Trump-era rules.

The difference between the two presidents when they voiced support for Social Security is that Mr. Trump apparently didn’t mean it; Mr. Biden does.

Max RichtmanWashington

The writer is president and chief executive of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

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