Your Letters

Lincoln Journal Star
Protecting SNAP, Medicaid
by Shams Al-Badry, Lincoln, NE
Now more than ever, we need to focus on helping hardworking people across the country make ends meet, not put up roadblocks in their way. Read More

Asbury Park Press
Trump Must Keep Promise to Protect Medicare
by Brian McGuire, Princeton, NJ
Americans have earned their Medicare benefits by paying taxes throughout their working lives. As our new president declared last year, “You made a deal a long time ago.” That deal does not include cutting benefits and pushing up health care bills at a time in life when people can least afford it. Yes, health care costs must be contained — but in a fair and responsible way, not by harming hard-working Americans and retirees. Read More

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
It’s Clear Gianforte Won’t Work for our Seniors
by Susan Nichols-Roughton – Belgrade, MT
In his failed race for governor it was easy for Gianforte to dodge questions about Social Security and Medicare as federal matters that a governor can’t control. Read More

The Journal Times – Racine, WI
Larsen: Grateful for National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
by Karen Larsen –  Mount Pleasant, WI (National Committee member)
Where would our benefits be without the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare?  Read More