Petition to Congress: It’s Time to Rebuild the Middle Class

A strong middle class is the foundation of our nation’s political and social stability. Over the past four decades, that foundation has become less stable as the economic gap between wealthy and middle-class Americans has widened dramatically. The skyrocketing cost of health care, housing and education, along with wage stagnation and the demands of family caregiving, have significantly eroded workers’ financial and retirement security.

Our country’s political and business leaders must rebuild America’s middle class by investing in bold infrastructure, higher wages, and strengthened and expanded Social Security and Medicare programs.

  • Social Security benefits must increase and the payroll wage cap should be raised to help pay for it.
  • The formula for calculating annual Social Security COLAs must be adjusted to reflect the spending priorities of the elderly.
  • Medicare coverage must expand to include dental, hearing and vision care.
  • The cost of prescription drugs should be reduced by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • The Social Security program should provide credits for workers who take time off to care for their children or older relatives.

As a registered voter, I am calling upon my Senators and Representative to pass legislation that will help to rebuild the middle class. They must also ensure that Social Security and Medicare remain financially stable – and that benefits must be expanded to meet the changing needs of America’s retirees, the disabled and their families.

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