President Trump wants to cut Social Security payroll taxes in a misguided attempt to boost the economy. Cutting contributions that fund Social Security is the wrong strategy and is really a backdoor attempt to cut the program. A payroll tax cut would harm the earned benefits of future retirees who will rely on Social Security even more than today’s retirees.

Help us convince lawmakers to reject any payroll tax cut plan that will harm Social Security and future beneficiaries by signing this Petition today.

Dear Representative/Senator,

Today, Social Security remains a lifeline for millions of Americans and their families. Any cuts to this program or effort to weaken Social Security’s long-term solvency would jeopardize benefits and harm workers and retirees.

President Trump wants to implement a payroll tax cut in order to offset the potential impact of the coronavirus on our economy. I don’t believe hurting Social Security’s revenue stream is a sound approach to helping America’s lower and middle class. In fact, this plan could constitute a long-term threat to Social Security by depriving it of much-needed revenue.

Social Security is paid for, earned by and promised to American workers, retirees, the disabled and their families. That’s why I ask you to reject any effort to weaken Social Security’s future and its ability to pay full benefits for years to come.


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