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Citing Race, a Federal Judge Strikes Down Parts of a 2021 Florida Election Law

Much of the debate focused on vote-by-mail ballots and how they are collected and returned. Walker overturned a provision of the law limiting when people could use a drop box to submit their ballot, along with a section prohibiting anyone from engaging with people waiting to vote.

New Texas voting law disenfranchised some of El Paso’s longest-tenured voters

The new law disenfranchised 15% of El Paso’s absentee voters, who are some of El Paso’s longest-tenured and most active voters.

Colorado Democrats look to crack down on insider election threats and misinformation

A new bill in Colorado would add more training requirements for election staff and officials, bar counties from copying voting machine hard drives without state permission, mandate full-time video monitoring of equipment and increase penalties for security breaches.

Maryland primary election postponed three weeks to July 19

A series of continuing legal challenges to Democratic-created maps have created uncertainty about what the final districts will look like in state legislative, congressional and some county council districts.

Wide-Open Primaries complicate competitive November Senate races

The winners in a handful of mostly Republican primaries will help determine how competitive some Senate races end up being in the November general election – and if Democrats can hold their slim majority.

GOP plans to undermine Social Security and Medicare if it wins back House majority

House Republicans are plotting to revive the Balanced Budget Amendment if they prevail in this fall’s elections, which could result in cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Kelly faces challenging Senate race despite huge funding lead

But for now, Kelly’s in a good position. He does not have a Democratic primary challenger, while his would-be Republican opponents face a bruising and costly primary before they can turn their sights on Kelly.

Pennsylvania Dems decline to endorse in Senate primary

The non-endorsement is a disappointment for Conor Lamb, who has been trailing behind primary frontrunner John Fetterman, the lieutenant governor, in polls and fundraising.

Black and Latino voters have been shortchanged in redistricting, advocates and some judges say

Across the country, the White population has shrunk over the past decade as minority communities have swelled, according to the 2020 Census. Yet, the rapid growth of Latinos and Blacks is not reflected in any of the new maps passed so far, except California’s, which added five seats where Latinos make up the majority of adults.

Michelle Obama announces push to register 1 million new voters ahead of midterms

Her foundation, When We All Vote, along with 30 other organizations, will recruit and train at least 100,000 volunteers to register voters.

What A Flurry Of Democratic Departures Means For The 2022 House Race

Of the 30 House members who’ve called it quits so far, 19 are Democrats while just 11 are Republicans. Many Democrats are abandoning competitive turf that will be difficult for their party to defend.

Republicans Clear Path for Final Vote on New Georgia Congressional Map

Republicans could pick up a seat by shifting the borders of a north Atlanta district currently held by Democratic U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath.

Democrats Are Trying to Sell Biden’s Agenda. But Key Voters Aren’t Paying Attention

Americans are typically not highly engaged with politics in the summer of a non-election year, still exhausted after former President Donald Trump’s chaotic tenure and disheartened by enduring political divisiveness.

Why Long-Shot Candidates Are Raising More Money Than Ever

Among non-incumbent candidates running for the House in 2022, the top fundraiser is a Democrat with no political experience running in a deep-red seat in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

What All Those House Retirements Mean For Democrats So Far

Republican House members are retiring too, but most hail from safe districts at this point.

Can Biden Defy History in 2022?

Conventional wisdom says the Democrats are finished after the midterms. But the conventional wisdom might be wrong.