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The National Committee is one of the most effective and trustworthy sources for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid advocacy. Since 1982, we have been working for generations of older Americans who want our nation’s health and income security programs secured for the future. Join us and learn more about how you can be a part of our intergenerational crusade.

The Latest News on Social Security and Medicare
KXLF TV Covers National Committee Endorsement of Quist in Montana Special Election

Max Richtman the President of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare or NCPSSM was also in attendance Wednesday. The two talked about the need for Social Security in Montana as the NCPSSM says that over 200,000 Montanans benefit from Social Security and 148,000 benefit from Medicare.

Social Security Advocates Pen Joint Letter to Congress on Disability Insurance

Missing from the Post’s reporting is the fact that most applicants for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Less than 40 percent of adult applicants are approved under the strict disability standard. Many are terminally ill.

Social Security 2100 Act Boosts Benefits, Cuts Taxes for Seniors

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare enthusiastically endorses the Social Security 2100 Act, which was introduced today in the U.S. House by Congressman John Larson (D-CT-1).  The bill would keep Social Security solvent into the next century while increasing benefits and cost-of-living adjustments --- and giving millions of seniors a tax break.

Grassley Can Help Create Firewall Against Medicare, Medicaid Cuts

The future of Medicare and Medicaid may depend on Sen. Charles Grassley. He is one of a handful of Senate Republicans who could serve as a firewall against harmful changes to these crucial programs that Iowa seniors rely upon.

Letter to Deseret News: “Voters Will Punish Elected Leaders who Tamper with Social Security and Medicare”

According to a new poll commissioned by our organization, 79% of likely voters support increasing – not cutting – Social Security benefits.

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New Bill in U.S. House Boosts Social Security Benefits, Keeps System Solvent for Decades

Legislation just introduced in the U.S. House would put extra money in Social Security beneficiaries’ pockets while keeping the system solvent through the rest of this century. Rep. John Larson’s Social Security 2100 Act does all of that and something more: It gives lie to the myth that Social Security is going bankrupt and the only way to fix it is by cutting benefits.

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