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Volunteer Application

Grassroots advocacy is our democracy's foundation. As taxpaying citizens, we have a constitutional right - and a responsibility - to speak out about our government. Elected officials can't respond to our concerns unless we communicate our needs. Working together as citizens, we have the power to help enact laws that will make a difference. Meet some of our terrific Advocates.

As an Advocate for the National Committee, your work is essential to our efforts to preserve and strengthen Social Security, Medicare and other programs which serve our seniors and families. 

Are you interested in protecting your Social Security and Medicare benefits by participating in our Grassroots Team activities? Please take a few minutes to complete the form below. We look forward to partnering with you on this effort.

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These Advocates are Making a Difference

Barbara Bonfield resides in Birmingham, AL. Barbara has arranged community events and she represented NCPSSM in a video on the importance of Medicare for the LBJ Library. She is an author, has been a leader in the Aging Network and a historian for the Jewish Community of Birmingham. Whatever our request, she always pitches in and helps to get our information out to the community. “I am a be a volunteer for the National Committee because my priority is to affiliate with a group that supports and provides leadership for advocacy on significant issues."

Theresa BrownGold resides in Buck’s County, PA. Theresa is a portrait painter who uses art to start dialog around social issues “I got to know NCPSSM in summer 2012 when they sponsored my "Truth Tour 2012 Medicare: What's at Stake?" I traveled throughout Bucks County with my portraits and the healthcare stories of my subjects as a way to explain how the Affordable Care Act strengthens Medicare for seniors. I encountered much confusion and fear in many seniors. NCPSSM became an invaluable resource I could rely on to cut through  the political banter to get to good information to give to seniors. Frankly, I, myself, feel comforted knowing this terrific organization is working on my behalf and that of all citizens to protect Social Security and Medicare.” 

Geneva Burns, a Memphis resident, has been a volunteer with the National Committee for more than 10 years where she has done radio and at least 20 presentations. She has worked with the AGE STAGE Theatre Group with the Commission on Aging and served as Vice Chair on the Tennessee Commission on Aging. Burns was the only African American during her four year tenure. "Social Security & Medicare are worth fighting for!"

Ruth Cossey, East Palo Alto, CA, concentrates on providing information to seniors by managing the National Committee resource tables in the minority community and across her congressional district. She is always willing to support our efforts and to educate people about Social Security and Medicare issues. "Volunteering for NCPSSM, gives me the opportunity to share news and updates about Social Security and Medicare with seniors."

Pat Cotton, Hyattsville, MD, has been a media star for NCPSSM, speaking at press conferences on Capitol Hill and interviews with national publications. Pat is also a  Rally Corp member and works as a CAN. I am an activist to preserve Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid for me and for my patients. These programs add to the quality of life!”

Sandy Crank resides in Ellicott City, MD. Sandy has been a National Committee area representative for over 9 years. He represents us, frequently, by giving presentations and workshops. His commitment to our education and advocacy outreach is due to his personal experiences with Social Security in his own family and he believes in the need for the program. “Social Security touches the lives of most people in America yet a great many don’t have a good understanding of the program, its historical success or its future challenges. NCPSSM plays an important role by informing Americans about the program and advocating for its preservation.  I am pleased to play a very small part in this important public service.”

Alberta Gaskins, Washington, DC,  another media star, she is a member of our Rally Corp and has helped with numerous petition deliveries to Congressional offices, press events and briefings. "I say I will fight for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid because these are things that matter!!!"

Nettie Haile, Washington, DC, is a member of our Rally Corp. She was a speaker at the Summit on Social Security sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders in November, 2012. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, after hearing Nettie speak on Social Security at a briefing several years ago, declared Nettie her “poster child for Social Security”."It’s very important that we do all we can to insure that benefits promised and worked hard for are not taken away."

Celestine Johnson, Washington, DC, is an active member of our Rally Corps, participating in the majority of our “short notice” events on Capitol Hill. She arranges speaking opportunities for National Committee representatives with senior/retiree groups at her church. She has also recruited other local activists to join the Rally Corps. "I especially enjoy working with NCPSSM. I have learned so much."

Jerry Johnson, Las Vegas, NV , a recent retiree of Clark County’s Senior Advocate Program, was as active participant in the National Committee’s Rapid Response Campaign during the 2012 election. He serves as a Grassroots District Team member. He brings a wealth of knowledge with respect to the aging network in the state and of senior issues in the communities. "As a boomer, I’ve embraced the reality of the safety net that Social Security and Medicare provides and this was my incentive to join as a volunteer to insure that it prevails."

Joan King and Sally King Witt reside in Bucks County, PA. They are a dedicated mother and daughter volunteer team who have successfully worked together in business and on many projects over the years.   Joan is retired from teaching and a flourishing real estate career.  Sally is currently on Social Security Disability. As NCPSSM volunteers, they have organized numerous "actions" with rally signs and gathering petition signatures on busy street corners, written letters to the editor and used social media to help get more people engaged and informed. "We volunteer together to help make a difference for other people in our communities through the amazing work of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. If we are strong, and work together, the protections we depend on will be safe".

Godfrey Laws splits his time between Seattle WA and Roxboro NC each year and he volunteers in both communities. He has been involved in many local events and helps with our education and outreach. He works with many churches, and particularly likes to inform younger people about Social Security. “Social Security and Medicare are so important in the lives of some many people. We need to educate people of all ages about the value of these programs and work to maintain them for the health and well-being of seniors and their families.”

Jerry Peden resides in Georgetown, DE.   Jerry taught history and social studies to generations of high school students. He has won a dozen outstanding teaching and coaching awards, including representing Delaware as “National Teacher of the Year.” Jerry has just completed a book, “Ten Greatest Presidents of the U.S,” and has been chosen as the National Committee’s Volunteer State Coordinator for Delaware. “I am blessed to be able to help other seniors and fellow Americans through the National Committee. Supporting this great cause  and giving back to an organization that protects Medicare, the healthcare program that saved my sister Norma’s life just a few short years ago, humbles me and gives me a great deal of pride.”

Gordon Sherman resides in Atlanta, GA. Gordon was the Regional Commissioner for the Social Security Administration for the southeast region of the United States. He has been a National Committee volunteer in that area for over 10 years. He has given workshops, been a keynote speaker, participated in radio broadcasts and represented NCPSSM at a wide variety of events and forums. Gordon always gets rave reviews for his knowledge, expertise and charming southern style. “ I volunteer for the National Committee because I understand the importance and relevance of Social Security & Medicare for today and for the future. We can’t let all the mis-information go unchallenged. The National Committee gives me the opportunity to set the record straight!”

Bruce Smith resides in has devoted his life to helping people. As a civil rights activist in 1960’s, he organized African American farmers in Amelia County, Virginia, United Farm Workers in the Del-Mar-Va region and in Michigan.  He was an adult education teacher, taught high school social studies, served as a special ed teacher, and was a reading, writing, and social studies instructor at Lorton prison in Virginia. He continues to be a tireless advocate for social justice,  public education, and since his retirement, for seniors. He was recently appointed as the National Committee’s Volunteer State Coordinator for Virginia.

“Volunteering for the National Committee has been important to me because it has allowed me to meet and work with other activists from around Virginia and around the US on campaigns to protect and expand programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, programs critical to our quality of life.  The solidarity we develop among communities and among states increase our effectiveness as it creates a sense of national movement and purpose.  These programs were begun by our parents for the welfare of all and I feel that it is my responsibility to do whatever is necessary to make sure that they are protected, strengthened and available for the protection of  seniors today and for generations to come”

Reverend Julius Turnipseed, Memphis, TN, has given many educational sessions on Social Security and Medicare and disseminated our materials in communities throughout his area. "I am very proud to be an advocate for NCPSSM.  We are able to get the truth to the people about what's going on in Washington."

Rosie Lee Woods, a resident from Richmond, VA, has recruited some terrific family and friends from GA and AR to be NCPSSM volunteers. She sets up community education meetings and makes visits to her local Congressional offices. “After joining NCPSSM, I have become better informed and more involved with politics, advocacy and helping others to get involved too.”

Karen Winchester resides in Ottawa, IL.  Karen helps out with National Committee petition deliveries and organizes NCPSSM meetings at the Bridges Senior Center. She has been a moderator at congressional candidate events, including introducing NC President Max Richtman, and she actively tracks developments in her Congressional District and maintains frequent contact with the Legislator’s offices.“I volunteer for the National Committee to make a difference. I want my children and grandchildren to have Social Security and Medicare so they can live in dignity. I really believe that people who have paid all their lives into Social Security and Medicare deserve it.”

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