?Now that this tax cut deal has passed Congress, and $112 billion in Social Security funds will be diverted from the program, seniors and their families will be watching Washington closely to ensure lawmakers keep their promise that this really is just a one year ?holiday?. The American people have made it clear they do not support trading the long-term prospects of our nation?s premier retirement income program for short-term gains. Promises that the diversion of $112 billion in Social Security contributions will be temporary are promises that must be kept. This debate has shown working Americans do not want Social Security to be used as a bargaining chip in yet another Let?s Make a Deal style ?negotiation? in Washington.American seniors want fiscal sanity returned to our federal government but they also understand, Social Security is not to blame for our economic crisis and beneficiaries shouldn?t foot the bill for a prosperity party they didn?t attend. Congress and the White House should not mistake passage of this bill as support for undermining Social Security?s long-term financing.? ?Barbara B. Kennelly, President/CEO