Fiscal Commission Co-Chair Alan Simpson made news earlier this year when he called seniors ?lesser people? in a video interview, and now in an angry email he sent yesterday to the executive director of National Older Women’s League, Simpson says Social Security is “like a milk cow with 310 million tits“.Apparently a blog post Ashley Carson wrote last spring entitled “Enough with the Pink Panthers Bit” just caught Simpson?s attention and ire which inspired his email response:

?I?ve spent many years in public life trying to stabilize that system while people like you babble into the vapors about ‘disgusting attempts at ageism and sexism’ and all the rest of that crap?take a look at the chart on Page 6 which I hope you are able to discern if you are any good at reading graphs ? or anything that might challenge your biases and prejudices. Anyway, have a look at it and if you should choose, you might communicate with me. If you have some better suggestions about how to stabilize Social Security instead of just babbling into the vapors, let me know. And yes, I?ve made some plenty smart cracks about people on Social Security who milk it to the last degree. You know ?em too. It?s the same with any system in America. We?ve reached a point now where it?s like a milk cow with 310 million tits! Call when you get honest work!? Al

Honest work?really? We?d argue that advocating for America?s seniors is pretty honest work.The National Council of Women?s Organizations has written President Obama calling for Simpson?s resignation:

?The facts speak for themselves, but Mr. Simpson suggests that anyone supporting people who most need help and who deserve the benefits they paid for must be dishonest or stupid. Such open contempt goes beyond the pale and cannot be tolerated from someone in such a position of authority.?

Here is another good rap up of the issue in this Huffington Post piece.