Medicare’s 48th anniversary is next week on July 30th. NCPSSM activists will mark the event by visiting Congressional offices in 50+ cities and towns across the country.  Advocates will also be delivering Medicare anniversary signs to every House and Senate office on Capitol Hill.

Members will be asked to display the sign on their office door on July 30th to show their support for Medicare. Included in the delivery will be special cards listing the National Committee’s Top 10 reasons why Americans love Medicare.

“In spite of Medicare’s success in keeping America’s seniors healthy and out of poverty, Medicare’s guaranteed coverage is under nearly constant attack in Washington. The budget plan passed in the House would end traditional Medicare, privatize it and leave seniors on their own to negotiate with private insurance companies. It would require seniors to pay $6,000 more each year for fewer benefits, making it harder to choose their own doctors while also giving the wealthiest Americans a massive tax break. Too many Members of Congress who’ve advocated the dismantling of Medicare camouflage their plans with promises to “save” the program.  However, the American people know you don’t have to destroy Medicare to strengthen it.  That’s the message our activists are delivering directly to Congress on this 48th anniversary.”…Max Richtman, NCPSSM President/CEO

Let’s see how many join our celebration and proudly display their pledge to support Medicare not cut it.