The new GOP Medicare Strategy these days appears to be if you don?t like the message just shoot the messenger. Yesterday?s Senate Aging Committee hearing provided one glimpse into this approach.NCPSSM Executive VP/Acting CEO and LCAO Chair, Max Richtman , testified yesterday before the Senate Select Committee on Aging about Older Americans Act programs, like home healthcare, Meals on Wheels, long term care ombudsman and many others. However, rather than talking about these vital programs, ranking GOP member Sen. Bob Corker was much more interested in attacking seniors organizations like ours for not supporting his legislation setting a Medicare Kill Switch with arbitrary spending caps, or the GOP/Ryan Budget bill which Senator Corker voted for or even means-testing the programs, turning them into welfare programs.Attacking seniors? organizations for representing their members is nothing new. Fiscal commission co-chair, Alan Simpson, has made a career of it. However, it?s clear GOP members in Washington are feeling the heat from their constituents, young and old alike, who do not support destroying Social Security or Medicare under the guise of deficit reduction.Starting with raucous town halls nationwide this spring followed by the election of a pro-Medicare Democrat in one of the reddest Congressional Districts in New York, it?s clear the American people understand the GOP/Ryan Budget plan would destroy Medicare and they don?t like it, period.That?s a message no amount of spin will fix and no amount of name-calling will change.