Barbara B. Kennelly, a former Congresswoman and now President and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, has announced her organization?s commitment to a new $1 million advertising campaign to stop Congressional or White House proposals that would cut Social Security benefits as part of any debt or deficit reduction plan.The first phase of the campaign continues this week in Washington, D.C. with a new radio ad by Social Security Coalition leaders Kennelly, Nancy Altman of Social Security Works and Roger Hickey from Campaign for America’s Future, urging lawmakers to keep their hands off Social Security. The National Committee?s ?Hands Off? campaign ads can be also heard on NCPSSM?s website.In addition to sponsoring advertising in DC and targeted districts around the country, NCPSSM will coordinate with other advocacy organizations to sponsor press conferences, letter and petition campaigns, social media strategies, internet ads, grassroots events and other public education activities to give Americans information and tools necessary to persuade Congress that Social Security should not foot the bill for the current economic crisis.With over 3 million members and supporters nationwide, the National Committee is regarded as one of the top seniors? advocacy organizations with a long history of mobilizing older adults and their families against any attempts to undermine the health and financial security of retirees. The National Committee was a leader in the successful fight to defeat President Bush?s proposals to privatize Social Security, engaging and informing America?s seniors through a similar strategy of print and broadcast ad campaigns, member mobilizations and grassroots efforts nationwide.?The American people, in poll after poll, have said they do not support cutting benefits in the name of deficit reduction. They understand Social Security has not contributed one dime to our current fiscal meltdown, yet it?s clear Washington?s fiscal hawks intend to ratchet up their attacks on the program in the new Congress.? Barbara B. Kennelly, President and CEOSeniors already suffering from the effects of this recession will face the second year of no COLA increase, and are now facing growing threats to cut their benefits. NCPSSM members are united in the view that Social Security benefits should not be traded away in another Washington version of ?Let?s Make a Deal?, jeopardizing the economic well-being of generations of working Americans.