One Minute, One Call to Save Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

The National Committee is joining advocates across the nation in a Congressional Call-In day on Wednesday, December 5th.  Our goal is to flood Congress with calls reminding them that Americans of all ages and political parties do not support cutting middle-class benefits to pay for deficit reduction.  Let’s shutdown the Capitol switchboard with thousands of calls delivering one simple message!

    NO CUTS to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

The threat to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid during this Lame Duck Congress is as serious as any time in these programs’ long and successful histories.  Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid do not belong in this deficit debate and we must urge Congress to take these programs off the table. 

Making your call couldn’t be easier.  Just dial NCPSSM’s Legislative Hotline and you’ll be directed to your Congressional leaders from one toll-free number:


(800) 998-0180

Send our flyer to 5 of your friends and tell them One Minute, One Call can make the difference in the fight to preserve America’s vital retirement and health security programs.