Battle Over Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid Heats Up as Seniors? Organization Launches Seven-Figure ?No Cuts? Campaign

Grassroots, Media & Internet strategies will build national protest movement

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has launched the largest grassroots mobilization and media campaign in its long history of defending programs vital to millions of Americans. Grassroots field workers are in Washington for an intensive training session this week and will begin field operations immediately in Congressional Districts from coast to coast. Already, the ?No Cuts? campaign has generated 20 thousand calls to Congress from Americans who oppose cutting the nation?s most successful programs to reduce the deficit. In addition to this massive grassroots mobilization, the National Committee will also launch an expansive media campaign in Washington and beyond; including, new bipartisan national polling to be released tomorrow Thursday, September 22nd, television and radio ads, mobile billboards, advocacy videos and a social media campaign to engage the National Committee?s online community.National Committee Grassroots Volunteers & District Field Directors joined NCPSSM President/CEO, Max Richtman, at today?s launch of the first of two Mobile Billboard ?NO CUTS? campaign trucks which will cover every mile of official Washington?from Capitol Hill to the White House and beyond?with a high visibility message that can?t be ignored. We?ll also make stops along the way collecting petition signatures and engaging and mobilizing Americans who demand Congress hear their message, ?No Cuts to Social Security and Medicare?. ?While the American people have said time and time again they do not support reducing our deficit on the backs of working Americans, retirees and their families, Washington is poised to do just that. Outside Washington, most people don?t even know there is a ?Super Committee? yet these twelve members could decide the future of generations of middle class Americans before the average American knows what hit him. That?s why we?re making the biggest investment in our organization?s history to help the American people organize and deliver their message to Washington loud and clear?cutting benefits to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for fiscal failures of the past is not fiscal responsibility.? Max Richtman, President/CEO