Geneva Burns, a Memphis resident, has been a volunteer with the National Committee for more than 10 years where she has done radio and at least 20 presentations. She has worked with the AGE STAGE Theatre Group with the Commission on Aging and served as Vice Chair on the Tennessee Commission on Aging. Burns was the only African American during her four year tenure. “Social Security & Medicare are worth fighting for!”





Ruth Cossey, East Palo Alto, CA, concentrates on providing information to seniors by managing the National Committee resource tables in the minority community and across her congressional district. She is always willing to support our efforts and to educate people about Social Security and Medicare issues. “Volunteering for NCPSSM, gives me the opportunity to share news and updates about Social Security and Medicare with seniors.”



 Pat Cotton, Hyattsville, MD, has been a media star for NCPSSM, speaking at press conferences on Capitol Hill and interviews with national publications. Pat is also a  Rally Corp member and works as a CAN. “I am an activist to preserve Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid for me and for my patients. These programs add to the quality of life!”



Alberta Gaskins, Washington, DC,  another media star, she is a member of our Rally Corp and has helped with numerous petition deliveries to Congressional offices, press events and briefings. “I say I will fight for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid because these are things that matter!!!”





Nettie Haile, Washington, DC, is a member of our Rally Corp. She was a speaker at the Summit on Social Security sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders in November, 2012. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, after hearing Nettie speak on Social Security at a briefing several years ago, declared Nettie her “poster child for Social Security”.“It’s very important that we do all we can to insure that benefits promised and worked hard for are not taken away.”


Celestine Johnson, Washington, DC, is an active member of our Rally Corps, participating in the majority of our “short notice” events on Capitol Hill. She arranges speaking opportunities for National Committee representatives with senior/retiree groups at her church. She has also recruited other local activists to join the Rally Corps. “I especially enjoy working with NCPSSM. I have learned so much.”



Jerry Johnson, Las Vegas, NV , a recent retiree of Clark County’s Senior Advocate Program, was as active participant in the National Committee’s Rapid Response Campaign during the 2012 election. He serves as a Grassroots District Team member. He brings a wealth of knowledge with respect to the aging network in the state and of senior issues in the communities. “As a boomer, I’ve embraced the reality of the safety net that Social Security and Medicare provides and this was my incentive to join as a volunteer to insure that it prevails.”




Godfrey Laws splits his time between Seattle WA and Roxboro NC each year and he volunteers in both communities. He has been involved in many local events and helps with our education and outreach. He works with many churches, and particularly likes to inform younger people about Social Security. “Social Security and Medicare are so important in the lives of some many people. We need to educate people of all ages about the value of these programs and work to maintain them for the health and well-being of seniors and their families.”


Reverend Julius Turnipseed, Memphis, TN, has given many educational sessions on Social Security and Medicare and disseminated our materials in communities throughout his area. “I am very proud to be an advocate for NCPSSM.  We are able to get the truth to the people about what’s going on in Washington.”




Rosie Lee Woods, a resident from Richmond, VA, has recruited some terrific family and friends from GA and AR to be NCPSSM volunteers. She sets up community education meetings and makes visits to her local Congressional offices. “After joining NCPSSM, I have become better informed and more involved with politics, advocacy and helping others to get involved too.”