From the headline (“Few in Congress want to act on Medicare, Social Security financial ills,” 4/29/19) on down, Paul Torrey’s article buys into the false narrative that almost no one in Washington wants to address Social Security’s future.  It omits any mention of Rep. John Larson’s Social Security 2100 Act – which would keep Social Security financially sound for 75 years while providing a modest benefit boost – and has more than 200 cosponsors (including Rep. Joyce Beatty of Columbus).  The bill adjusts the wage tax cap so that the wealthy pay their fair share, and includes a 1.2% individual payroll tax increase over 24 years – about 50 cents per week for the average worker.  As Rep. Larson says, for what other ‘tax’ do you get pension, disability, spousal, and survivor insurance? This is a fiscally-responsible, common sense solution that will ensure Social Security is there for future generations through the dawn of the next century.

Max Richtman
President & CEO
The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
Washington, D.C.