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“President Trump set off alarm bells for America’s seniors and their advocates yesterday by insisting once again on eliminating Social Security payroll taxes – both employer and worker contributions.  The President even threatened to hold hostage the next phase of badly-needed Coronavirus relief legislation unless he gets his reckless payroll tax cuts.  Make no mistake:  by pushing to cut off the program’s funding stream, President Trump is taking the first step toward dismantling Social Security.

While we agree that providing tax relief to middle class Americans is an important consideration as we respond to Coronavirus pandemic, we do not believe that cutting, eliminating or deferring the Social Security payroll tax is an appropriate way to accomplish this goal.  Any reductions to this vitally important revenue stream would threaten Social Security’s ability to continue paying benefits to the 64 million Americans who depend on those benefits for their economic survival. In light of the recent Social Security Trustees report, it is clear that Social Security needs more revenue – not less.

As I reminded President Trump in a letter last week, Social Security is an earned benefit fully funded by the contributions of workers throughout their working lives.  President Trump’s payroll tax cut is an assault on that fundamental idea. This is equally true even if the funds are replaced by general revenues from the Treasury.

The President’s campaign to eliminate payroll taxes is a violation of his patently false promises to seniors ‘not to touch’ Social Security.  This proposal goes way beyond ‘touching.’  Choking off Social Security’s funding stream is an existential threat to seniors’ earned benefits.” – Max Richtman, president and CEO, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Read Max Richtman’s letter to President Trump


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