News Release

“Seniors and other Medicaid beneficiaries can breathe a sigh of relief that the Senate’s harmful healthcare bill has collapsed.  We are especially grateful to Senator Susan Collins for opposing this bill since it would have decimated Medicaid, made health insurance unaffordable for 50-64 year olds, and ripped away health coverage from more than 20 million Americans. Senator Collins did what an elected leader is supposed to do: represent the best interests of the people rather than concede to the political will of the party.  Her efforts, along with those of advocates and grass roots activists around the country, helped prevent the GOP from converting Medicaid into a block grant and cutting more than $700 billion from the program, which millions of seniors depend on for long-term care services and supports. 

We agree wholeheartedly with Senator Chuck Schumer that it is time for Republicans to abandon their failed, partisan efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and instead work with Democrats to strengthen the existing law by lowering premiums and stabilizing insurance markets. It would be a grave and cowardly mistake to pursue Senator McConnell’s ‘plan B’ strategy to simply repeal Obamacare with no replacement – which would throw the insurance markets into chaos and result in even more Americans losing coverage.”  – Max Richtman, President and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare


The National Committee, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization acts in the interests of its membership through advocacy, education, services, grassroots efforts and the leadership of the Board of Directors and professional staff.  The work of the National Committee is directed toward developing better-informed citizens and voters.


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