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“The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office confirms that millions of seniors will be hurt by the so-called Senate GOP health care bill.  The numbers don’t lie.  The ‘Better Care Reconciliation Act’ is not a healthcare bill at all.  It is a tax windfall for the rich and pharmaceutical companies – paid for by gutting the Medicaid program, which covers more than 60% of long-term care costs for our nation’s seniors.   The C.B.O. says that 15 million Medicaid beneficiaries will lose coverage within 10 years, one million more than in the House-passed bill.

Seniors suffering from chronic conditions who have already impoverished themselves should not be denied skilled nursing care – whether in a nursing home, in the community, or in their own homes.  The C.B.O. report also confirms that a disproportionate number of older Americans (age 50-64) will lose health coverage under the Senate bill.  These ‘near seniors’ will face skyrocketing premiums, co-pays, and deductibles for private insurance. 

It is encouraging that a handful of Republicans have refused to endorse this heartless bill so far.  But seniors and their advocates must act quickly to send a stern message regarding the “Better Care” act:  Senators had better start caring about the human consequences of repealing and replacing Obamacare… and less about lining the pockets of the rich and Big Pharma.” – Max Richtman, President & CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare



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