June 12, 2015

News Release

“In spite of all the political sleight of hand and twisting of the legislative process into a pretzel to pass the trade package, there is one clear lesson today:  Medicare does not belong in the trade debate.  Period.  Trade Adjustment Assistance legislation failed in large part because it was burdened with a pay-for the American people simply do not support.  American workers deserve to have job training assistance through reauthorization of the TAA; however, demanding that important proposal be paid for by cutting $950 million dollars from Medicare poisoned the process.

Using Medicare to fund unrelated programs is a relatively new yet growing trend in Congress that simply must stop.  Medicare isn’t Washington’s ATM.  The American people understand this.  Hopefully, Members of Congress have learned that lesson and won’t make the same mistake again when the trade debate resumes.” …Max Richtman, NCPSSM President/CEO



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