June 30, 2015

News Release

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to add his name to the growing roster of benefit cut candidates running in GOP Presidential primary offers little reassurance to millions of American families who are facing a retirement crisis. He doesn’t live up to his ‘Tell it like it is’ campaign slogan when he avoids the facts about the stability of Social Security and Medicare. He’d rather propose plans which would cut benefits to the middle-class and poor by raising the retirement age and means-testing. Governor Christie’s plan is nothing more than a doubling-down on the same GOP claims that our nation can’t afford to honor its commitment to America’s workers who’ve contributed to Social Security and Medicare their entire working lives. 

Apparently, slashing pensions in New Jersey to preserve his no tax pledge isn’t enough.  Now he hopes to do the same nationwide. Governor Christie joins a long line of conservative politicians who hope to convince voters they are “courageous truth-tellers” when in truth their goal is to dismantle the very programs which have kept millions from poverty.”… Max Richtman, NCPSSM President/CEO


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