“Inaugural addresses are often characterized by lofty rhetoric and soaring ideals; however, President Obama’s clearly articulated description of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid provided so much more than simply words – it provided reassurance for millions of American families still worried about slipping into poverty.  For years now, too many in Washington have tried to rewrite history in an attempt to redefine America’s economic and retirement safety net as government handouts.  However, the President is right. America’s seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and their families aren’t “takers”, they represent generations of average Americans who worked hard and played by the rules only to have their payroll tax contributions mischaracterized as an accounting fiction or worthless “IOU’s” by fiscal hawks who are determined to renege on Washington’s end of the bargain.

As one of the richest nations in the world, we can afford Social Security and Medicare.  In fact, we can’t afford to live without them. Without adequate benefits, we are heading to a tsunami of seniors living in poverty. It’s simply a matter of priorities. The President clearly understood this on inauguration day.  Now, America’s seniors hope he’ll continue to voice that strong message throughout the coming months of deficit deal making.”…Max Richtman, NCPSSM President/CEO