July 24, 2013

News Release

“Legislation introduced today to require the federal government to measure its obligations over an “infinite horizon” is nothing more than an attempt to create a crisis where there is none, pitting young versus old while also ignoring the true causes of our fiscal mess. The Orwellian named “Inform Act” does just the opposite of informing by reviving an already debunked  mythical “infinite horizon” measurement. The goal of this legislation is far more political than economic and is a priority for the multi-million dollar anti-Social Security and Medicare lobby.

America’s middle-class families know the biggest threat to their economic security isn’t Social Security and Medicare, it’s economic policies which have favored the wealthiest Americans and large corporations for decades.  This legislation diverts attention from the true challenges facing Americans young and old alike in favor of a divide and conquer political strategy preferred by those who hope to use middle-class benefit cuts to pay for our fiscal failures of the past.”  Max Richtman, NCPSSM President/CEO


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