Don’t Worry, You’ll Still Get your Social Security, Even with the Coronavirus Crisis

The Social Security Administration’s commissioner wants you to know you’ll still get paid, but the agency is changing a few other policies in the midst of the coronavirus crisis — and wants recipients to be aware of potential threats to their financial security too.

How to Get Social Security Help While the Agency’s Offices Are Closed

The Social Security Administration has closed all its 1,200 field offices around the country until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

CMS Releases New Flexibility, Waiver Protections for Providers to Help Handle Coronavirus

The Trump administration has issued blanket waivers and new flexibilities to help hospitals and facilities cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Poses Fresh Challenges for Social Security Administration

The coronavirus crisis has thrust extraordinary challenges onto the already beleaguered Social Security Administration (SSA).

Do Workers Really Want to Gamble Their Social Security Benefits on Wall Street?

This month’s dramatic losses on Wall Street in the midst of the coronavirus crisis are a reminder of why Social Security is so important — and why privatization of Americans’ earned benefits remains such a bad idea.

Don’t Shortchange Social Security for Short-term Economic Stimulus

President Trump’s proposal to reduce Social Security payroll taxes to stimulate the economy in an election year is a colossally bad idea.

Supermarkets Add ‘Senior Hours’ For Vulnerable Shoppers

Special hours for seniors to shop are just one of the ways grocery stores across the U.S. are adjusting their operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Another Strike Against Trump’s Coronavirus Tax Cut — Most of it Would Go to the Rich

Decision makers in Washington have come together on the idea of a major cash infusion to household pocketbooks to counter the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis, with the debate now focused chiefly on how much to deliver and who gets the money.