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CNBC: Women and Minorities Receive Less from Social Security. Politicians are Looking to Change That

Women and minorities have a greater chance of retiring into poverty or grappling with financial instability if they become disabled. Congressional Democrats took to the Hill on Wednesday promising to change that.

A Fix For Social Security: Raise Taxes And Expand The Base

I spent Memorial Day with my savvy friend who keeps up on politics and economics. I also had dinner with another scholar. Both were shocked to hear that if Social Security doesn’t get extra revenues, the promised benefits we all expect to get will be cut by 25%. Those cuts will be even deeper for the people who depend on Social Security the most.

House Bill to Expand, Strengthen Social Security – Weiss, Guest MINDSETTER™

With the 116th Congress kicking off on January 3, 2019, and the Democrats seizing control of the House, it did not take long for a bill to emerge that would strengthen and expand the nation’s Social Security program.

Social Security Bill Gives Seniors a Much-Needed Pay Raise

The millions of members and supporters of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare are truly gratified that Rep. John Larson is re-introducing his Social Security 2100 Act — and that the bill will finally get a fair hearing in the United States Congress.

Social Security: An Economic Engine That Benefits Everyone

There is no better way to help Main Street than to elect members of Congress who appreciate Social Security’s immensely positive impact on our economy – and will work hard to expand on the program’s promise.

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Rep. Larson and Social Security 2100 Act

Get the Facts on Boosting Social SecurityGet the Facts

This campaign builds upon the growing public support for expanding Social Security.The Boost Social Security Now education campaign will inform and mobilize our membership, grassroots networks and on-line communities to convince Congress that now is the time to boost benefits, not cut them.

Sign the Petition on Boosting Social SecuritySign the Petition

Social Security is the major source of income for most of America’s elderly with 46% of retirees depending on Social Security for 90% or more of their income and an average monthly benefit of just $1,269. The Social Security COLA has averaged just over 1% over the past five years with 0% for two of those years, far below the largest spending increase seniors’ face, which is spending on health care.

A Growing Movement to Boost Social SecurityA Growing Movement

We are not alone. Boost Social Security Now is not just about one organization lobbying for change. It’s about members of Congress, advocacy groups, members of the press and grassroots activists who are all working to change the viewpoint of our nation’s leaders. Here are some of The National Committee’s  allies and friends who are also working to redirect Washington’s perspective from cutting benefits to expanding them.