Dental Care

Medicare and Dental Coverage: A Closer Look

Dental benefits are not generally covered by Medicare, except under limited circumstances, and many people on Medicare do not have any dental coverage at all.

Dental Lifeline Network: State Programs Offering Donated Dental Services for Seniors and the Disabled

For information on how to apply or to find out if you qualify for free dental care.

People In Your State are Counting on Congress: Now is the Time to Add Essential Oral Health Coverage to Medicare

These factsheets will help you make the case that it’s time for Congress to ensure that people who rely on Medicare for health insurance can afford oral health care. Medicare does not currently cover dental care, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in every state in pain and unable to get the care everyone needs to stay healthy. For too many older adults and people with disabilities, oral health care is too expensive, putting it out of reach even in an emergency.