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COVID-19 Second Stimulus Package Standoff Highlights Trump’s Flawed Economic Agenda

The protracted negotiations over the latest stimulus reveal yet again that President Donald Trump’s economic agenda is corporatist, not populist.

Retirement in America is Already Uncertain. Republicans Want to Make it Worse

Trump admitted in an interview that he was “going to look” at entitlement reform — that’s Washington insider code for cutting Social Security and Medicare.

The Typical US Worker Can No Longer Afford a Family on a Year’s Salary

America’s middle class is struggling as living costs outpace wage increases.

Almost Half of Americans Work in Low-Wage Jobs

The low-wage workforce is part of every local U.S. economy, but it takes the biggest toll in the South and West.

Trump Boasts on Economy Undercut by Weak Middle-Class Pay Gains

President Donald Trump boasts that a robust economy will protect him from impeachment and ensure his re-election, but it’s an argument resting on a shaky foundation.

Billionaires Paid Lower Tax Rate than Working Class for First Time in US History: Study

Billionaires paid less in taxes than the working class last year for the first time in U.S. history, a study found.

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What is the Working ClassWhat is the Working Class

Forty, fifty or even sixty years ago, mention the phrase “working class” and most folks  understood that to mean “blue collar” laborers such as a machinist, waitress, plumber, cop,  production line worker, or housekeeper.

Sign the Petition to Stop the War on the Working ClassSign the Petition

Sign the petition telling Congress to stop the war on the working class.

Congressional ActionsCongressional Actions

This interactive timeline includes all actions taken by the 116th Congress on Social Security, Medicare, ACA, and Medicaid.

A Message From Our PresidentA Message From Our President

The Fight to Save Retirement Security for the Working Class

The movement in Washington to gut our most crucial social insurance programs – not only Social Security and Medicare, but Medicaid, too – amounts to nothing less than a war on the working class: people at all levels of income and employment who are counting on retirement income and health security.

GOP Targeting Earned Benefits

GOP talks of of targeting our earned benefits and health care.

Tracking Trump and His AdministrationTracking Trump and His Administration

From the pages of his own book to the public statements made by President Trump and members of his campaign or administration, theirs is ample evidence that this administration poses a great threat to the future of the earned benefits and other tax payer funded programs that keep workers, seniors, the disabled and their families financially stable.


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