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Rally to Protect Your Benefits

Are you ready to rally and put pressure on Congress during their Spring recess (April 7 – 24) to stop all legislation that will harm your Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits? We need a coast-to-coast display of our 12 x 18 inch signs to remind members of Congress about the priorities of America’s retirees and working class. 

Fill out the form below and we will send you signs to use at your own event or display in your window. Can you commit to getting a few friends together to hold signs up and rally outside of your Representative’s or Senator’s local offices? How about getting a few people to hold signs at a local busy intersection and wave to drivers as they pass by? Do you know a local business owner who would be willing to display a sign in the front window of their business or maybe you live on a busy street and can hang a sign in your front window?   

The signs are free and we just ask that you use them and then take a photo of your activity and email it to us at

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