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Sen. Collins Must Stand Against Efforts to Harm Medicare

Portland Press Herald - 2/27/2017 "She is one of a handful of Senate Republicans who could serve as a firewall against harmful changes to a program that 306,000 Maine seniors and people with disabilities rely upon." Read More

The Dangers of Cutting Future Retirement Benefits for the Young

The dim retirement outlook for today’s young people means the smart play is to expand benefits. That can be achieved easily by lifting the cap on wages subject to payroll taxes. Read More

The Hill: Sanders, Not Trump, is the Real Working-Class Hero

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is the tip of the spear of the Democratic comeback that began immediately after the 2016 elections. He represents the true working-class hero who offers ideas that bridge divides in American politics. Read More

Seniors' Group Launches Campaign to "Stop the War on the Working Class"

In a pre-emptive move designed to defend health and retirement security benefits for working Americans, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare is launching a new advocacy and education campaign called “Stop the War on the Working Class.” Read More

How GOP War On Retirement Will Hurt You

Few will disagree that most Americans aren't saving enough for retirement. With household income flat in recent years and many high-income jobs going away, it isn't easy. Read More

Trump Will Likely Sell Out His Working-Class White Base. Here’s How.

For many months on the campaign trail, Donald Trump sent a clear message about his fellow Republicans: Ideologically, I’m not one of them. This wasn’t just true on trade, but also on safety-net programs that protect, among others, low-income whites. President Trump, he said, won’t let people die in the streets and will protect Medicare and Social Security from those heartless Paul Ryan types who are forever salivating at the chance to slash them to ribbons. Read More

New Poll Shows Majorities Do Not Support GOP Proposals for Social Security and Medicare

Americans overwhelmingly support traditional Social Security and Medicare and oppose benefit cuts, according to a new poll released today by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. At a time when Congressional Republicans are proposing to fundamentally alter both programs, strong majorities of voters want Congress to protect Social Security and Medicare – and intensely disagree with key provisions of GOP plans. Read More

National Committee Urges Four GOP Senators to Serve As Firewall Against Medicare Cuts

As one of the nation’s leading advocates for seniors, The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare has called upon four Republican Senators to serve as a “firewall” against harmful changes to Medicare. Read More 

The Trump Conundrum: ACA Repeal Cuts Benefits

Donald Trump made a lot of promises to the American people during the Presidential campaign. For seniors, who supported him overwhelmingly, none was more important that his promise “not to touch” middle-class benefits in Social Security and Medicare. There’s no doubt his political calculus during this campaign accurately tapped in to a core middle-class value Read More 



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Ryan's Revised Healthcare Bill Even Worse Than the Original

Let us not speak of pigs and lipstick, but simply say that the freshly tweaked GOP health care bill introduced last night still socks it to older Americans. In an attempt to throw bones to both moderate Republicans and Tea Partiers, Speaker Paul Ryan has come up with a revised bill that’s even worse than the original for seniors and “near seniors” (under 64 years of age).

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