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Latest News

ROLL CALL: Narrow Health Deal Close as Republicans Plot Future Efforts 
Senate Democrats say lawmakers are on the cusp of a bipartisan health care deal aimed at stabilizing the individual insurance market over the next two years. 

FORBES: The One Solid Lie Behind The Trump Tax Plan
Some $3 trillion is sucked out of government revenues if the Trump/GOP plan passes. That means the government goes even deeper into debt or simply starts cutting the guts out of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid,

USA TODAY: Most Older Americans Don't Trust Trump to Save Social Security
Most older Americans don’t trust President Trump or Congress to safeguard Social Security and Medicare but about half say the administration’s policies will promote economic growth, according to an Ipsos/USA TODAY survey. 

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A Message From Our President

The Fight to Save Retirement Security for the Working Class

The movement in Washington to gut our most crucial social insurance programs - not only Social Security and Medicare, but Medicaid, too - amounts to nothing less than a war on the working class: people at all levels of income and employment who are counting on retirement income and health security. We in the advocacy community, empowered by workers and beneficiaries across the country, are geared up for battle.






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President Trump and the State of Prescription Drug Prices: More Talk, No Action?

Some of President Trump’s pronouncements in last night’s State of the Union address were outright falsehoods. Others were simply misleading. Some, like his pledge to lower prescription drug prices, were likely hollow promises.

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