Here is Barbara Kennelly's, NCPSSM President/CEO, reaction to President Obama's health care address to Congress tonight:

 “There are so many reasons our nation needs health care reform and President Obama did a wonderful job of laying those out tonight.  The President clearly recognizes Medicare is a sacred trust and seniors are thankful he reiterated his strong commitment to protect Medicare at all costs. For seniors especially, it’s been a summer of misinformation and fear mongering and it’s time we start this debate anew focusing on what health care reform truly means for Americans, including Medicare beneficiaries.  From myths about death panels to rationed care, opponents of reform have tried to convince seniors that health care reform will destroy Medicare.  That’s just not true.

 However, seniors must understand that Medicare will be threatened if we don’t pass meaningful health care reform to control the high costs of care.  Benefits cuts are not included in any of the current reform proposals but that’s exactly what beneficiaries will face if we do nothing.  The status quo isn’t sustainable and failure to pass health care reform is not an option for seniors who rely on Medicare. Without reform, neither seniors nor the government will be able to afford the program and Medicare will be targeted with unprecedented benefit cuts, higher premiums, and growing out-of-pocket costs. We can’t allow ourselves to be frightened away from this historic opportunity to improve Medicare while also reforming our entire health care system. Change can be scary but doing nothing is even scarier.”