That’s certainly one of the huge whoppers at the heart of this summer’s anti-health care reform fear-campaign. Problem’s just not so.  We’ve written about this a lot (even before the craziness this summer) and have compiled all of our policy pieces on our Truth Squad web page.  We’ve also released the 2nd video in the Truth Squad series today.  Watch it...Share it and Comment on it! Over the past few days, there have been a number of other reasonable and rational descriptions of what current health care reform proposals actually mean for Medicare.  Kaiser Health News’ Howard Gleckman says:  
“Opponents of health reform have targeted seniors with a blunt message: You will be big losers if "Obama-care" is enacted. In the words of Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele: "Senior citizens will pay a steeper price and will have their treatment options reduced or rationed."  Scary words. But, in truth, seniors are likely to be big winners if responsible health reform passes and prime victims if it fails. The casualties will not only be today's elders, but the Baby Boomers, who are the next generation of seniors. They will all pay the price if the existing health system is allowed to fester.”
And on Huffington Post, AARP’s John Rother, emphasizes the fact that benefit cuts are not proposed in any of the House or Senate plans (regardless of what Michael Steele says): 
“Let's face it: We need to make sure we save Medicare money, as every member of Congress well knows. But we need to protect benefits while at the same time we target waste - and we now have an opportunity to make smart savings that actually strengthen the program.  Take the problem of unplanned readmissions to the hospital. Follow-up care and guidance to help patients after discharge could lower costs as much as $17 billion a year. Reducing readmissions not only would save money, it would spare elderly patients the anguish of returning to the hospital due to poor follow-up care. " Another hunk of savings could come from gradually reducing the billions of dollars of subsidies the government pays to private insurance companies, known as Medicare Advantage. These subsidies cost the government 14% more per patient than traditional Medicare. Those tax dollars should go to helping seniors, not boosting insurance company profits. "
 Lastly we have to share the Associated Press’ “Spin Meter” analysis of the GOP’s new found love for Medicare.  Their lead line is “Weren’t Republicans against Medicare before they were for it?”  Indeed.