America's seniors have a huge stake in the national health care reform debate. Unfortunately, well-financed misinformation campaigns have led many to believe health care reform will destroy Medicare.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  The National Committee's Truth Squad is mobilized to arm seniors with the facts about health care reform's impact on Medicare.   Without health care reform, Medicare will continue to suffer from skyrocketing costs associated with general health care costs, until neither seniors nor the government will be able to afford the program. This inevitably will lead to unprecedented cuts in Medicare-cuts that unlike current health care reform proposals-will directly target Medicare beneficiaries.  National health care reform provides an historic opportunity for us to improve Medicare by closing the Part D doughnut hole, allowing government negotiation of drug prices in Part D and eliminating billions of dollars of wasteful subsidies to private insurers in Medicare Advantage.  Ignoring Health Care Reform is not an option.  The Truth Squad tool kit is available on our website to anyone who's tired of the misinformation and wants the truth about health care reform and seniors.  It includes:  links to Health care reform policy analysis, "EntitledtoKnow" health care blog posts, a link where you can download your own myth busters badge and our Truth Squad video series.  We released Part 1 today:  We hope you'll share the Myth Busters badge with friends and wear it proudly to town halls and meetings with your members of Congress.  Because as President Franklin Roosevelt said:

"Repetition does not transform a lie into truth". 

The National Committee is mobilized to fight health care reform fiction with fact...we hope you'll join us.