...and there certainly are a lot of them!  From death panels to rationing, the health care reform scare campaign has been in overdrive this month.  Of course, the problem is it's always easier to sell fear than facts and that couldn't be more evident than seen in many town halls nationwide.  Even so, cooler heads and rational discourse might now be making a comeback.   We've participated in plenty of town halls and have seen the gamut but this week's meeting with seniors in Springfield Virginia, hosted by Congressman Gerry Connolly give us hope that we're turning the corner from irrational screaming to legitimate, thoughtful debate.  C-Span provides coverage here.   We're also happy to see Health and Human Services release a new report clearly engaging seniors on the issues they care about most. America's Seniors and Health Insurance Reform addresses many critical issues to seniors such as: escalating Health Care Costs, Access to care and Medicare reforms.  Here are the reports' key findings:
America's seniors shoulder an increasing financial burden to get the care they need - a burden that could be alleviated. Medicare now and in the future will not continue to provide needed access to services if reforms are not made. Too many seniors do not get recommended care, including needed preventive and primary care services to keep seniors healthier, longer. Health Insurance Reform will Improve Access, Quality, and Affordability for America's Seniors