Hundreds of questions on Social Security, Medicare and Retirement security have been submitted for today's Presidential online Town Hall meeting which starts at 11:30am.  In all, 91,666 people submitted 103,096 questions on issues ranging from education to jobs to energy policy.  Americans were allowed to vote for their favorite questions with 3,569,419 votes cast. Here are some of our favorite retirement security questions: 
"I'm 19 years old and just beginning to see my earnings deducted for Social Security. Though retirement is a long while away, how can you guarantee that this program remains solvent?" Nick Troiano, Washington, DC   "Since the "baby boomers" are coming of age and starting to collect benefits, how do you propose stabilizing Social Security?" Peggy, Middletown, PA   "Medicare does not pay for long-term care, and an ongoing problem for the states is making Medicaid payments for nursing home care for people who don't want to be there but for whatever reason can't avoid it. How can we end this ongoing tragedy?"  Grant M, Providence, RI  
President Obama will answer some of the most popular questions live today online at 11:30.