We’ve said it...and said it...and said it.  So maybe now it’s time to show you what we mean. 

This nation does not face an “entitlement crisis” it faces a health care crisis and no matter how much money anti-entitlement crusaders like the Peterson Foundation, the Concord Coalition and Cato have to convince us otherwise, as FDR said, “Repetition does not transform a lie into truth”.   

This is the theme of the first in a series of National Committee internet advertisements aimed at dispelling the myths and challenging misinformation about the future of Social Security and Medicare.  Coinciding with the White House Summit on Health Care, the first video urges Washington to keep its focus where it belongs...on health care reform. 

The National Committee may not have the Peterson Foundation’s billion dollars to invest in a public relations campaign, but we do have the priceless resource of our millions of members, supporters, and activists.  We’re urging them and you to share the video with your friends and family and spread the word...America needs system-wide health care reform.  It’s time to tune out the anti-entitlement echo chamber.