National Committee President/CEO, Barbara Kennelly, participated in today's

Financial Responsibility Summit and was a member of the Social Security group. 

Here is her reaction to today's event:


“We support President Obama’s promise to return fiscal responsibility to our federal budget and we also agree that our nation’s biggest long-term fiscal challenge is health care financing.  We don’t have an entitlement crisis in our country today; we have a health care crisis. As I expressed to my fellow participants in today’s meeting, unless we focus on the real problem, any attempt at a solution simply will not work. In fact, the entitlement debate is a distraction that makes it harder to achieve what should be our top priority – reforming health care to improve quality and reduce costs.  That reform is also critical to preserve and strengthen Medicare for future generations.


Seniors understand how important it is to live within our means however; they also know that without Social Security and Medicare, millions would not be able to weather the current economic storm. If a “special process”, meaning a commission or task force, is ultimately created to review Social Security, that process must focus not only on dollars and cents but also on programs and people.  We should be looking for ways to finance Social Security benefits, not cut them.  All of this can be done without marginalizing Congress in a fast-track plan that includes restrictive timelines and no amendments.


The National Committee looks forward to working with the ongoing Fiscal Sustainability Project, the President, and Congress to address the real crisis threatening our nation’s economic stability...the skyrocketing cost of health care.” Barbara B. Kennelly, President/CEO


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