While Senators continue to tweak the economic recovery plan, President Obama is apparently confident it will pass before the end of the week.   If so, the legislation will then go back to the House to work out the differences between the House and Senate bills.  Seniors have a lot at stake in this process given the absence of any provision for Social Security beneficiaries in the House version.  Thankfully, the Senate got it right.  The Senate plan would provide a one-time $300 payment to Social Security recipients, including the disabled, older veterans and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries.  We're hopeful this critical provision will remain in the final economic recovery legislation which could be considered as soon as next week. The economic downturn and rising prices have hit older Americans especially hard since many live on a fixed income with little ability to increase their earnings. Millions of retirees do not earn enough to require filing a tax return and therefore are not eligible for a tax refund, yet they are also not poor enough to qualify for low-income programs being considered for increases. However, seniors are among the demographic groups most likely to spend any benefit they receive.  Americans over 65 are responsible for 14% of all consumer spending.   America 's retirees feel the pain of rising costs and economic uncertainty as much as any segment of our population yet they are historically left behind when Washington crafts economic recovery plans.  Urge Congress to pass the Senate's economic recovery bill, including its provision for seniors.  You can easily Contact your Members  through our on-line Legislative Action Center.