We understand the nation has been subjected to 8 years of intense Social Security spin and crisis calls but that's no excuse for the national media to continue repeating obvious factual errors, over and over again.   NBC and the Washington Post consistently get it wrong.  The latest outrageous example comes from NBC's David Gregory on Meet the Press.  Gregory states with great authority that Social Security will "pay out more than it's taking in by 2010."  Wrong.  A simple click of the mouse would have pointed Gregory to the fiscal facts compiled every year in the Trustees Report.  Social Security's projected income will begin to fall short of outlays in 2017, not 2010, and will then be able to pay full benefits until 2041.  But let's not let facts get in the way.   Unfortunately, NBC has a consistent history of ignoring the truth about Social Security's long-term funding picture.  Media Matters details that dismal record in a post today.  Just a few weeks ago, the Washington Post made the same irresponsible mistake.  They ultimately published our President's Letter to the Editor pointing out the careless reporting; however, we can't help but ask why can't the national media get something so simple, straight?   Social Security's finances are detailed each year in the Trustees report.  Every major news organization reports on this annual release and you don't have to be an investigative journalist to find it.  A simple Google search takes you right there.   As Congress addresses the complex economic challenges facing our nation, the media needs to remember to stick to the facts.  On Social Security, that's just not happening. We understand that crisis calls make good headlines but let's stick to the truth about the unique challenges facing Social Security.