Presidential candidates are making their final push in Iowa today before heading to New Hampshire but do you know where they really stand on issues affecting seniors?

It can be hard to keep track. The National Committee surveyed each Presidential candidate with 14 questions on issues such as Social Security, Medicare, pensions, healthcare reform, long-term care, prescription drugs, and the federal budget.

Five Democratic presidential candidates provided detailed responses to our questionnaire; Senator Joe Biden, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Chris Dodd, John Edwards and Senator Barack Obama. Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee declined to respond while the remaining candidates have not replied to date.

It certainly is discouraging that two candidates specifically declined to answer our questions about policies affecting millions of seniors and their families. Our President/CEO, Barbara Kennelly, says:

“The next President will need to lead Congress as they shape the policies that will impact the long term outlook for our retirement and health security. As the nation’s leading organization advocating on behalf of Social Security and Medicare we know we may not agree with every candidate’s position; however, our members deserve straight forward answers on these issues. Ultimately, we hope every presidential candidate will offer detailed responses to these key policy questions”

That’s really not too much to ask, right?