Finally, we’re no longer feeling like a voice in the wilderness.

It’s certainly not popular in Washington to buck the administration’s well publicized and financed “entitlement crisis” propaganda campaign. Over the years, the Bush administration has created a mythology of impending doom for Social Security that just doesn’t exist. Their script casts anyone who doesn’t buy their bull as gutless or afraid to make “tough choices”. Anyone who doesn’t pledge allegiance to this doomsday scenario is deemed a political coward. In this world of black hat villains and white hat heroes, only politicians willing to slash entitlements are tough enough to be sheriff.

However, over the past few weeks there have been growing signs of independent analysis and critical thinking by some in the mainstream media (certainly NOT the Washington Post or Tim Russert) and even some presidential candidates.

Here are links to some of the best conversations on the counterfeit “entitlement” crisis: